Cystal X Natural Nusantara Body Care Package

Natural Nusantatara Body Care Package Complete - Hello Mother and and all female, was created as a woman is to be required to be a pretty private. The term beauty here is certainly spacious nature, not only physically beautiful cover skin and body, but also physical attitudes and behavior. To become a beautiful private, many stages in general to do such treatments, exercise and maintain your diet and lifestyle. So what are the stages in particular to make the woman be beautiful inside and out?

Besides the woman should spend to perform maintenance, time should be taken up to go into care can also interfere with the effectiveness of work. To overcome these complaints, PT Natural Nusantara is trying to put out a product that can support women overcome the problem of beauty that can be used in simple and can be done at home without having to go-go.

There are several products that can be used as a 1 (one) package to tackle the problem inner and outer beauty. And to maximize the benefits of each product to be precise when and how to use these products and following nasa a complete explanation on how to use the full treatment packages from NASA.


Before using any product, to help bring out the inner beauty can be done by exercising. Various types of exercise you can do a lot of such examples jogging, yoga, fitness, gym or any other sports such as badminton, tennis and others.

With this exercise, the body will be smoother blood circulation, and free radicals will be eliminated from the body, in addition to the benefits of exercise can eliminate the accumulation of fat that accumulates in the body. The correlation between health and beauty course there, where if the body is healthy then the spirit aura also will shine, so there is no harm if to form a healthy and beautiful body, take 1 hour a day to exercise.

2. Beauty Care with NASA COLLASKIN

Products consisting of two kinds of transparent soap and tea does have many benefits. The content of collagen in soaps and tea if used regularly can help regenerate the skin so that the problems that exist in the skin such as acne, acne scars or other stubborn spots, and wrinkles can be resolved.

Moreover, it has a lot of articles and journals that discuss the benefits of green tea that is the high antioxidant content. This antioxidant has many benefits such as refreshing the body, helping to regenerate damaged cells and help ward off free radicals. So you can consume this tea collaskin to beautify the skin, as well as a health drink.

To use this product, it can routinely use soap collagen and collagen drinking tea two times a day in the morning and evening or before bed. To further maximize the work of collagen, the rest of steeping tea powder removed from the wrapping paper and used to mask. Once dry can be washed using water can be cold or lukewarm.

3.Health care of the female organs with CRYSTAL X
Questions will inevitably arise of you if you read the article on the third part of this is, Oow.. what is the relationship of crystal x with beauty?. Eits wait Mother and Sista. As we have explained previously that in order to bring out the inner beauty it must be supported by a healthy body. And health is not only of health in general, but also on an important part of women that femininity should also be healthy.

Female organs can indeed become disease if women are not very clever keeping. It lies in the curve of the body and the shape, which many times will facilitate fungi, bacteria, and viruses or other parasites nesting and cause infections if a woman's body in a state that is not healthy.
Infections such as itching, odor and vaginal discharge will reduce the level of confidence and disrupt the activities of women, so that the inner beauty of a woman going downhill due to this discomfort.

therefore, mandatory for women who do care for the body using x nasa's crystal products every day.
How to use this product very easy. Because of its small and can be stored in the black box from the factory default will allow you to bring this product everywhere including when to travel far. Here is how to use crystal x is based on two objectives, namely for maintenance and troubleshooting.

a. How to use based on the already / not married

Not Married: crystal x soaked in lukewarm water approximately 2-3 minutes, removed, dried with a clean cloth and put it back into the black box. Water immersion can be used to wash or soak female organs.
Already Married: crystal x moistened with water and inserted 2-3 cm into the female organs and twisted around to the right 10 times, left 10 times, and removed, washed with water, dried, and put back into the black box. Female organs are left approximately 3-5 minutes, then rinse and dry.

b. How dose of its use

For the purpose of maintenance: can be used 1 time a day can be in the morning / afternoon / evening.
For medicinal purposes: it can be used 2 times a day can be morning and afternoon / morning and night / day and night

c.What Don'ts For Its use

Crystal X should not be used when:

a. Pregnant ,
b. Menstrulation, and
c. Childbed or Nifas (Indonesian Language)

Mother and Sista, we've finished explaining about any product for complete health and beauty treatments that are served by PT Natural Nusantara living in Yogyakarta. Our goal is to combine the two products into a package body care is that women are more easily perform maintenance body for the purpose of beauty and overall health beyond in on the important parts of women are easily and saving and maximum.

The second question is whether a treatment using a combination of both these products work? Of course, very successful Mother and Sista and many women who have managed to overcome the problem of beauty and femininity with these two products. Then after thousands of women effectively, when it's your turn to be part of them?

Let's make ourselves healthy and beautiful woman using body care products complete package nasa (natural nusantara) ..

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