Reactions Of Using Crystal X

Reactions of using crystal x – Happy day for all woman in the world. One of the healthy habits that are often overlooked by women is a sport. This habit can creates better quality of woman healthy and also higher quality of marital relationship. We know that basically in the female organs grew a lot of bacteria consist of good bacteria, Lactobacillus sp as a pH balancer organ, and a wide range of bacteria including bad bacteria.

Daily activities of woman will also cause a variety of fungus grow in the female organs. If the woman's imun decreases, the number of good bacteria Lactobacillus sp will also be reduced and the bad bacteria will infect the female organs. Fungus has a similarity of that effect. As a result, women will experience a lot of problems such as vaginal discharge, smell and itching that will degrade the quality of the marital relationship, so that women have to make a balance of their imunity and this is the reason why sport is needed by women.

In addition to exercise, there is a very easy solution to help women to be free from all problems. This solution is provided by product made in Indonesia that has the characteristic of bluish-green color, and bullet shaped with a smooth texture on the outside but it looks like broken marble, and this product has the trade name as crystal x.

The Nature Content of Crystal X

The content of these products includes :

1. The essential oil of Green Betle Leaf

2. Red Seaweed extract,

3. Aloe vera

4. Viniel oil

5. Potassium Alum Sulfide.

Some contents naturally act as antioxidant that can penetrate into the body and helps keep the immune system so that body can prevent infection by bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, there are compounds that work as antiseptic which will help kill all parasites and there is also viniel oil that can help nourish the mucosa around the female organs so that it becomes more doormat and tighter.

Cristal x

Positive reaction of Using Crystal X

Using  crystal x will create many positive reactions such as itching, fluid discharge and appear white crust like tissue. This reaction will be experienced by all women who use these products, even though they do not have a problem in female organs. Why does this could happen? As was mentioned earlier that on the female organs are basically grew many bacteria and fungi, then the infection will occur anytime unwittingly. So it is normal if product can react with bacteria and ather parasite creates reaction.

How To Overcome Reactions

Long of reaction occurs due to symptom and characteristic of each woman. Sometimes, reaction of discharge, itching and tissues can be experianced up to more than 1 (one) month, so that cometime these can be disturbing. To solving that problem, here are some ways how to overcome these disturbing reactions.

1. Fluid Discharge

Fluid  discharge usually has thick textured in large volumes and usually will come out more shortly after the use of crystal x. In order not to disturbing marital relationship, if the volume of discharge is still a lot, woman can use product a few hours before intercourse, and if in 24 hours is still a lot of fluid discharge volume, it is advisable to use a condom for safety.

2. Tissue crust

White crust like tissue can also be solved in the same way as a thick discharge. If crust created in higher volume, it is advisable to use the product a few hours before intercourse so that woman still have time to clean the female organs until clean.

3. Itching

Itching can be occurre caused by fluid discharge. This can interfere ntercourse. To prevent itching, woman can immediately wash the female organs 3-5 minutes after using the product and after the viscous fluid out. This will prevent fluid spreads around the female organs so itching can be immediately reduced.

Doses of Application

Well, we have explained all ways to overcome reactions that occur due to the use of crystal x, so that woman can happily using it. So, from now, beside sport, woman have to use crystal x also for treatment to keep healthy.

This has very simple application :

1. For medicinal purposes, apply 2 times a day to female organs in the morning and afternoon
2. For treatment (preventing) purposes, apply on female organ only 1 time a day in the morning or afternoon.

Now, the right time to try, but make sure you use a truly recommendation (original) can be obtained only through authorized distributors crystal x asli besides you will help free consultation ..

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